[Tutorial] How to download private YouTube video

How to watch private YouTube videos

YouTube has been providing the option of setting users’ videos on private for years now. What does that mean? Basically, after setting the video status on private no one but only you and the people you choose can watch it. Fortunately (or unfortunately) you can still download and view the videos that have been set on private. You can do that by using our dedicated tool that fetches the video from the Google servers and sends it straight to the user. All you have to do is to provide the link to the private video you would like to watch. Then simply wait for the script to finish its work!

If you want to know more about difference between private, unlisted and public YouTube videos, read the article:

Private Youtube Videos Download 1.05 BETA

Make sure you are providing a valid link to the Youtube video. We do not support Dailymotion nor any other video hosting service except YouTube!

Please keep in mind that fetching the private video from YouTube may fail for some reason, as this is not the official Google service. Private videos on YouTube are possible to download only after approval of the video uploader. Private videos are not meant to be watched by the person not chosen by the original author.

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edward_1979 3 hours ago

Thank god it's possible... I thought I almost lost the video

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BeniToTheBunny 6 hours ago

damn is there a way to find a link to the private video I just lost? :((

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GrimesForEver 6 hours ago

Many thanks for this article!!!

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brambram 8 hours ago

Why is the download so slow... 400 kb/s? Seriously?

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rezaasali 14 hours ago

How to get a list of links to the private videos of a youtuber?

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bricki 1 day ago

Tried to download 10 private videos and I could download only 9 of them. There is a error on this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWg51muis2U Anoyone help?

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mr_nuntawat 1 day ago

haha my friend thought I am not gonna watch his video

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lostnightmare 1 day ago

omg I put a video on private and then i found it uploaded by someone else!! found out he used this tool

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pedda1513 2 days ago

So what is the purpose of private videos on youtube if you can download them?

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fyoursoul 2 days ago

Works, thx

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bidule70 4 days ago

@413451298 i don't think so, you can only download it so you wont ever find out what the title/rating of the video was

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413451298 4 days ago

Is there a desktop app for this? Or can I watch private videos directly in the browser?