Hidden OnlyFans content download option leaked?

Is downloading OnlyFans' archives making it not so "only"?

Leaks of private OnlyFans content is indeed a serious problem, but what if anyone can download everything that has been uploaded to the OnlyFans right from the official servers? It seems like OnlyFans is not really for fans only. One of the users of a Russian internet forum has found a way to download all the content uploaded by any user, even if it’s meant to be accessible after placing a payment. It looks like it’s working better than expected and it does not involve any illegal leaks. On a video posted by the Russians, you can see how simply running a script through the web browser console makes a secret window pop up on your screen with the download link to the full archive of every single media file posted by the specified OnlyFans user. It also looks like the file is updated every time the user posts a new contribution. There are no leaks nor other illegal activities to obtain this archive because the mentioned archive is a file hosted on the OnlyFans’ server.

So how exactly are they getting archives of media files OnlyFans?

It’s very simple, let me explain this to you in a friendly step-by-step manner.

Step 1.
Go to the profile page of the OnlyFans user you would like to get an archive from.

Step 2.
Now you have to open the browser console. You can do that by simply pressing F12 on your keyboard while being on the page from step 1.

Pressing the F12 button
Pressing the F12 button.

An extra window should pop up. Now make sure you are on the tab “Console”, just like on the image below.

Clicking the Console tab

Step 3.
Copy the code from the link below and then paste it right to the console you just opened.
Click here to get the code.

Step 4.
Press ENTER. A new window should pop up on the website. If nothing happened it means you have done something wrong and you should start again. You can close the browser console now, you don’t need it anymore.

New OnlyFans window
This is how the new window should look like.

Step 5.
All that’s left to do is to press the blue download button. You may be requested to do a verification before downloading, but do not worry! It’s usually a very simple survey or offer you have to complete to unlock the downloading. It should not take more than 1 minute to complete.

Example offer list
Example list of offers to do before downloading the file

Does the archive file I’m downloading contain all the files from the user?

Yes. The archive contains every media file that has been uploaded by the user.

Are those OnlyFans’ files coming from leaks?

No. The archive is downloaded directly from the OnlyFans servers.

Are the OnlyFans archives up to date?

Yes. The archive is updated every time a new file is uploaded by the user.

There is a verification that asks me to complete an offer before downloading the archive, what should I do?

Sometimes you have to complete one offer before proceeding. Offers are usually free and simple to do. Unfortunately there is no way to bypass it.

Are there other ways to download OnlyFans user archives?

At the moment we are not aware of any other working methods of getting the premium files. You could however get leaks that are usually not updated and hard to find and of course not legal, so we highly do not recommend doing this.

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nyconik less than 1 hour ago

@nachon34 Yup. I just downloaded a fresh Belle Delphine's archive. No problems at all.

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nachon34 1 hour ago

is this still working?

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dysikcxxx 2 hours ago

YAAAAY i was almost going to pay.. this sh** saved me $39

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gsk578 2 hours ago

OMG I was stuck on these offers for hours but I tried different one and finished it in 10 seconds FML

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DalosDalos 2 hours ago

I am afraid this is going to be fixed soon so I downloaded like 150 GB of different hoes

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arekusan6 2 hours ago

this is not good for these women

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boobijana 3 hours ago

watch your language bro

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marek1242 3 hours ago

wtf this is still working how are they not fixing this ???

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argoderse 3 hours ago

earnings of my friend has dropped like 20% because of this and I am secretly happy bc of that

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sweboy1996 4 hours ago

HELP I downloaded 4 archives and now there are no offers 🙁 it's just an empty list.... HOW TO FIX THAT???

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NightBladeX 5 hours ago

Hahaha calm down

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3Jaker 5 hours ago

ok I was wrong. this really works but you have to do finish this stupid offer. WHY?!