Chaturbate – Overview of methods of getting free tokens

How to get Chaturbate Tokens

Getting free Chaturbate Tokens is possible and it’s nothing to argue about. There is even a menu option on the official Chaturbate website named “Earn Free Tokens” and in this post, I am going to review all possible methods of generating Chaturbate Tokens right to your account. Unfortunately, it’s not something that you could do by simply pressing a button, but also it’s not rocket science.

Method #1 – Using third-party generators of tokens

One of the methods used by Chaturbate users to get free tokens is using the so-called “generators”. Unfortunately, many of them are just a scam and it’s extremely hard to find a working one. You can find the newest one right below and feel free to use it. After filling up the form, you will be notified about the progress and if the operation has been successful or not.

Change your account type (NEW!)

Method #2 – Getting tokens for referring friends

This method requires that you have an access to a good medium and an “audience” – namely people who are potentially going to broadcast on Chaturbate in the future or at least register there and use the Chaturbate.

What exactly do you have to do? After logging in on Chaturbate, just go to the mentioned earlier option in the menu called “Earn Free Tokens”. You will find your dedicated referral link out there.

Location of Chaturbate Referral link
Location of the Chaturbate referral linkcode

When somebody registers a new account on Chaturbate using your referral link, you will earn up to 10 tokens, but if that person earns $20.00 on their broadcast, you will receive 500 tokens!

Method #3 – Increasing your spending limits on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is really caring about its users, and because of that, there is a spending limit for every fresh user. That means you cannot spend too many tokens in one day for fear of fraud and other illegal activities. You can get rid of that spending limit by filling up Chaturbate documents and sending them to Chaturbate supports. You can find the document at
After completing the process you will get a reward of 200 tokens.

Are there any other ways to generate Chaturbate tokens for free?

We are currently not aware of any other working methods of getting Chaturbate tokens and we’d recommend to beware of fake generators, they are probably going to scam you.

How to get tokens using

We are not providing any direct way of getting free tokens, but you can try out one of the three methods we discussed in this article.

How many tokens can you get in one day?

There is no limit of maximum tokens possible to get in one day, but there is a spending limit which you can easily remove (we have wrote about it in the Method #3 section)

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saxel34 less than 1 hour ago

lol this generator actually worked I tested it for 500 tokens and got them instantly

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goofy_cats_and_rasputin less than 1 hour ago

Are you too getting this verification window with tasks?

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hoqnavar 2 hours ago

I am using the referral method. Posted a video on YT with my link and I am getting ~100 tokens everyday.

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legsfreak123 2 hours ago

OMG I didn't know there was a generator for that

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jacer69 2 hours ago

this is very helpful

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artuto19 3 hours ago

I am getting addicted.. Brb gotta send tokens

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DamaGeing 3 hours ago

I am generating this stuff 2 times a day

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Jim_Beam 3 hours ago

2 days ago its not been asking me for verificaton and now it does

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_magic_music_ 3 hours ago

these tasks are so hard I spent half an hour on this bulls**t but at least I got my tokens

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evo8 3 hours ago

I had to do it 2 times because first time it told me "Verification failed"

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TheKingCrimson 4 hours ago

I can't believe it's still working

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lokitos25 4 hours ago

There is also other method - just broadcast yourself m****rbating and you will get thousands of tokens. Protip: be a girl