How to bypass surveys on content locked websites

How to get rid of content lockers and survey!

If you have ever looked for something special and unpopular on the web, you have probably encountered a so-called content locker, which locked the app, tool, or any other thing you wanted to use. At first glance, it may look like you really can’t do anything, but unlock the content by finishing the survey, offer, or some other thing that was needed to complete in order to unlock the content. Unfortunately, these elements usually require some kind of payment and you can’t smoothly get what you want without spending money.
Well, we have some good news for you! You don’t really have to pay for anything. With our survey bypasser, you will receive only those surveys or offers that are simple, easy to do, and the most important – free or at least cheap! After completing one of the surveys from our convenient list you will be redirected right to the content you had to unlock.

If you want to learn more about content locking, we’d like to recommend this article:

Unlock content

After the process is finished you will get a pop up with offers that contain only easy and free or cheap surveys.


Feel invited to share our survey bypassing tool with your friends. We hope that your experience with content lockers in the internet world will be improved!

Can I unlock the content locked by surveys and offers using this tool?

The purpose of this tool is to filter the surveys needed in order to unlock the content and show only the easiest and cheapest (and usually free) ones on top.

Why the surveys are not completely gone?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove the surveys completely and our tool only removes those who are the least friendly to the user. The surveys you will see after placing the link are easy to do and usually free.

What will happen after completing the survey?

After completing the survey you will be redirected right to the content you want to unlock.

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chefraser less than 1 hour ago

Ok this really worked but it just replaces the surveys available to easy ones. I just had to submit my email and thats it

User avatar

sliverck 2 hours ago

surveys are not removed!!! they still appear

User avatar

pivaille 2 hours ago

Not exactly as I expected, but indeed these surveys are now easy to do

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tigerroar1987 3 hours ago

This tool helped me a lot, but I wish there was a way to skip those surveys 🙁

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xantosi 4 hours ago


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justforkicks45 5 hours ago

this is not working on some websites

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odum31 5 hours ago

This tool was updated 2 days ago and now it supports tinyfileshost

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phatboy799 7 hours ago

finally some survey bypassing tool that actually works

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pinkycat44 8 hours ago

It doesn't display any surveys to me!! I got error! Please help me... anyone?

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brolw19 8 hours ago

indeed these surveys are easy, usually you just need to install some app or even submit your e-mail

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tommy296 8 hours ago

This is tool, I am using it almost every day and never had a problem

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trace12345 10 hours ago

this shows the same surveys nothing is changed... I guess these surveys were already easy to do and there is nothing to delete