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Terms and conditions

By using our website functionalities you accept the terms and conditions specified below.

The following terms and conditions document specify rules of using every functionality available on this website, available under the address

§ Definitions

  1. Free-Ned Gifts - the website and its scope accessible through the address
  2. Terms and conditions - present document.
  3. User - an individual using any of the functionalities available on this website.
  4. Account - a virtual object representing a registered user. Consists of e-mail, encrypted password, ref code, points count and assigned virtual products.
  5. Gift code/Gift card - virtual product representing a coupon or a container of a coupon used to purchase an existing or non-existing third-party product or service.
  6. Fake donation/Fake tip - virtual product representing an intended donation to a certain person or organization. Has no real value outside this website.
  7. Virtual product - any item available on the home page of this website to be purchased using points. Has no real value outside the range of this website.
  8. Points - a virtual currency used to purchase products
  9. Ref link/Reflink - a dedicated link assigned to every registered user.
  10. Refcode/Ref code - a dedicated code assigned to every user used in the ref link to distinguish them from each other.
  11. Purchase - a purchase of a virtual product.
  12. Account activation - the process of activating an account
  13. Action - an action available to be completed by the user. This can be a survey, an offer, mobile app installation, e-mail submit, purchase of a product. The entity responsible for actions is OGAds 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212 Chicago, IL 60654

§ General terms

  1. The operator of Free-Ned Gifts is Free-Ned Web, Paddington Terrace 485b, Montego-Bay JMCJS12, Jamaica.
  2. This document specifies terms of use of the website available under the address of
  3. Our website uses cookies, local storage, and sessions to store data about the client.
  4. All trademarks, service marks and company names are the property of their respective owners.
  5. The condition of using any of the functionalities available on this website by the user is to read this document and accept its provisions.
  6. Free-Ned Gifts does not directly conduct sales via the internet.
  7. The user is obliged to do not send his link using illegal and inappropriate techniques such as spamming or hacking.
  8. Every product available on Free-Ned Gifts is a virtual product available only in the scope of Free-Ned Gifts.
  9. Exchanging the virtual products purchased on Free-Ned Gifts is available only after successful account activation

§ Purchasing a virtual product

  1. Services within the scope of are and always will be free.
  2. The user will not be charged for using functionalities available within the scope of Free-Ned Gifts URL and is not obliged to post any payments
  3. Purchasing a virtual product is available only using points, whose user can get for free or by completing offers, however virtual products are non-returnable and Free-Ned Gifts can not exchange them for real products they represent.

§ Privacy policy

  1. Free-Ned Gifts is obliged to keep the database safe and unreachable to anyone but the owner of this website.
  2. The only data about the user we store is the data necessary to keep the login and register system working. Passwords of the users are encrypted and unavailable to be seen even by the administrator and developers of the Free-Ned Club.