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PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership
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Item PlayStation Plus: Free 12 Month Membership
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You are one step away from getting free 12 Month Playstation®Plus Membership!


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PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership

PlayStation Plus: Free 12 Month Membership

Playstation Plus is a subscription service available only for premium users, but with this gift code, you can activate your Playstation®Plus membership for free without spending a single cent. Playstation®Plus will let you play online multiplayer games, and also will provide you free video games to download every single month. Also, expect some stunning discounts on video games.


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Date added 16.05.2023 (14 days ago)

How to redeem the PlayStation®Plus gift code?

Log in into your Playstation account

Redeeming the gift code

To redeem the Playstation Plus membership gift code, you have to go to your Playstation account settings and choose the "Redeem a gift code" option here. After purchasing the gift code with your Free Ned Points, please type the code right in your Playstation settings text area and submit. In up to 5 minutes your Playstation Plus membership will be activated. Enjoy!

Xerofluff(1 day ago)

What is the expiry date of these gift codes? I want to keep them for the next year :D

Deathbreak911(1 day ago)

worked now I have Playstation Plus for a year.. Thanks

Mr_Sterling(2 days ago)

how is this possible!!!

Boborito71(2 days ago)

finally I got PS Plus <3 Many thanks to Free Ned Gifts

Vandraad(2 days ago)

Are PS games cheaper with this?

Ken_McG(3 days ago)

Woow this unlocked so many servers

TheFunkyBones(4 days ago)

Playstation is way better than Xbox

Aqua2iK(4 days ago)

How to redeem this

killerzapmaster(4 days ago)

Ok thank you guys so much for this

pilot23456(6 days ago)

annoying offers but at least you get the gift code

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