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PlayStation $50 Gift Code
Quantity 1
Item $50 Playstation Store Gift Card
Price 45 points


You are one step away from getting free $50 PlayStation Store Gift Code!


How to get the $50 PlayStation Gift Code?

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Copy the gift code and redeem it in the PlayStation Store

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PlayStation $50 Gift Code

$50 Playstation Store Gift Card

PlayStation Store Gift code is a gift code that will let you add 50 USD to your PlayStation account balance. The value stored in this particular gift code is valid to be used as a currency to buy video games and other products from the official PlayStation Store. The code is valid internationally and if you are using a different currency rather than USD, you don't have to worry! The value will be automatically converted to any other currency. The voucher code contains 12 digits and can be redeemed only through the official PlayStation website. Please do not give the code to anybody else.


45 points

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Used today 60
Daily limit 400
Purpose PlayStation Store
Date added 25.09.2023 (5 days ago)

How to redeem the gift code?

Gift Code can be redeemed through Web browser or a console interface

Redeeming the PlayStation gift code

After showing the gift code, you can redeem it directly through a web browser by going into the PlayStation Store, and then click on your avatar image. You should see a menu option called "Redeem Codes". Now copy the code and enter it in the text area and submit it by pressing "Redeem". The credit should be applied to your account. However, if you want to redeem the code through your console, go to Settings > Users and Accounts. Then select your account, go to "Payment and Subscriptions" and "Redeem Codes". Enter the code there and select redeem.

BoxPuncher(15 hours ago)

there was a twitch streamer talking about this and now daily limit is capped FFS

Ainieve(1 day ago)

imagine people are still paying for these ps gift codes and we have it almost for free LOL

kelp07(1 day ago)

Why is it more expensive than xbox gift codes?! They are not better than us!!!

VIL1917(1 day ago)

Playstation is better than Xbox

lbvermillion(2 days ago)

Yea I thought it was fake but maan.. It's incredibly awesome I am your biggest fan now

stiason(3 days ago)

This really works

Aerinyes(3 days ago)

lol you are getting gift codes for free and still complaining.. come on guys. Btw I have 3 gift codes and I'm happy as f**

cdonovan(3 days ago)

Well right but it would be cheaper if there was more money on this gift card

GerkJerk(4 days ago)

You can just buy many gift codes, there is no limit for person

cdonovan(5 days ago)

Will there be $100 gift code? $50 is not enough for me now

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