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Fake Twitch Donation


Your donation will be sent right after completing ONE of the actions from the list below.


How to finish the process:

Choose one action from the list below

Complete the action using valid data (the verification will fail if fake data is used)

Fake donation will be sent in up to 2 minutes.

WARNING! If you don't see any tasks to complete or they are too hard to complete, please try using this website on your smartphone. Android and iOS users are getting a lot of new tasks.

Fake Twitch Donation

Fake Twitch Donation (auto-detect)

Twitch doesn't have its own donations platform, so every streamer uses a different third-party one. Our tool automatically detects which platform exactly it is and if the operation is successful - we send the fake donation through it. Use the tool now and find out for yourself how perfectly it works. The donation will show up in up to 2 minutes, so please be patient.


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Fake donate now

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Used today 909
Daily limit 2,000
Purpose Twich streams
Date added 22.05.2023 (8 days ago)

How to make a fake donation to a Twitch streamer?

Use the tool

Fake donating the Twitch streamer

Donating the streamer with a fake donation is an extremely easy thing to do with our tool. The very first thing you need is the Twitch stream URL. Make sure the stream is currently online, otherwise the tool won't work. Copy it and paste the link to the valid text box in the tool. The second step is to choose the currency of a donation. You can use any currency available and any of them will work correctly, but we suggest you use the currency used in the country of the streamer - it will make it look more legit! The third step - choose the amount of a fake donation The fourth step and the most important - type in the tip text and the username (leave blank for anonymous) The last step - press the "Fake donate now" button and watch the streamer go nuts!

EaTFresH1o1(Less than 1 hour ago)

Whoever is trolling people with this is a bad person (That sounds like me tho)

ArinaChan23(1 hours ago)

I used this 14 times today and these offers are starting to annoy me!!!

aTbagger(8 hours ago)

lmao can't believe this actually works

brycecameron(1 day ago)

@Pantupino Oh! You are right. I feel so dumb now....

Pantupino(1 day ago)

@brycecameron weird, works for me. Maybe your streamer does not allow donations?

brycecameron(1 day ago)

can't detect the donation platform :( HELP

smileyface(1 day ago)

I just made someone cry

Hexavolt(2 days ago)

hey it worked but the donation appeared after 10 minutes WTF!! Why so long

BroncoBuster25(2 days ago)

Worked for the first time but after the second time the streamer turned of the donations :(

Bkettell(2 days ago)

People are starting to know this

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