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Streamlabs Fake Donation


Your donation will be sent right after completing ONE of the actions from the list below.


How to finish the process:

Choose one action from the list below

Complete the action using valid data (the verification will fail if fake data is used)

Fake donation will be sent in up to 2 minutes.

WARNING! If you don't see any tasks to complete or they are too hard to complete, please try using this website on your smartphone. Android and iOS users are getting a lot of new tasks.

Streamlabs Fake Donation

Fake Streamlabs Donation

We all watch live streams online at least once in a while, and often the only way to interact with the streamer is to send him money. But you can send him a fake donation without spending a single cent! This specific tool you are on right now is designed to work only for Streamlabs donations. If the streamer you want to fake-donate is using a different platform, check out our other tools. The streamer won't know the donation is fake until he looks into his Streamlabs account balance, so at least for a moment, he would think it is a real donation! Try it now!


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Fake donate now

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Used today 948
Daily limit 2,000
Purpose StreamLabs
Date added 22.11.2023 (14 days ago)

How to make a fake donation on Streamlabs platform?

Fill out the form and send a fake donation

Fake donating the streamer

Donating the streamer with a fake donation is an extremely easy thing to do with our tool. The very first thing you need is the streamlabs URL. You can usually find it right in the description of a stream or maybe on the stream's screen. Copy it and paste it to the valid textbox in the tool. The second step is to choose the currency of a donation. You can use any currency available and any of them will work correctly, but we suggest you use the currency used in the country of the streamer - it will make it look more legit! The third step - choose the amount of a fake donation, fake username, and the donation text. The fourth step - choose if you want the donation to be read or not by the TTS software. The last step - press the "Fake donate now" button and watch the streamer go nuts!

afh667777(6 hours ago)

guy gave me a mod for these fake donations and banned me when he found out it was all fake but I laughed anyway

shefield(9 hours ago)

Yeah @hedonism61 you are right

IcePoseidonFan67(17 hours ago)

I hate those surveys but it's worth it

Just_Enough_D(20 hours ago)

what can I say

hedonism61(1 day ago)

Guys stop abusing it... streamers are now checking if the donation was real

ceddTheDuck69(1 day ago)

f**k this sh*t

Tigrou2408(2 days ago)

this is fu**ing awesome

georgiepeorgie(2 days ago)

I did 8 donations today and I am dying from laughter every time

rafloul(2 days ago)

lol this actually worked ROFL

ozehias(2 days ago)

Search for Umar Johnson Reaction to $1000 donation - I made this using this tool :D

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